Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bubble Guppies Birthday Party!

Just over a month ago, our awesome niece Veronica turned 2! (You might already know that if you follow Julie's blog.) We had a fun afternoon celebrating Veronica with the fam, grandparents, and even Uncle Mark, Aunt Annie & Krista from out of town! She loves Bubble Guppies right now, so that was the theme for her day:

We actually had our professional camera kit in the car, but as the parents will know...we were busy doing a lot of different things that afternoon! Julie had her new(ish) phone, so just figured she'd grab some video with it on the fly. The phone? An HTC One M8. People have have hated on the camera on this phone, but after we'd caught a few great pics earlier in the month (we both own the same model), we were curious to see how it'd turn out in a format outside of the phone. The light in the house is not great for video, but we're happy with the outcome.

Proof. Nice framing on this photo, Uncle Mark!

It's definitely not our preferred camera, but it worked in a pinch. The added bonus? Veronica loves the video and dances to the music. She rocks!

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