Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Coming soon!

Hello friends, family, & fans alike!

After our intimate, beautiful wedding at our home on September 8, 2012, we are
officially  "Team Way"!

First kiss(es) as husband & wife

With that, we have officially become Way CREATiVE. We've been working together as a Video & Digital Media Consultant team since 2009, but now the name is legit! If you're looking for video production, print design, website development & maintenance, event planning, or social media consulting, we're your team! We offer individualized project estimates free of cost, and will work with you to find a way to make your ideas come alive. Blog posts, Twitter, and more will be coming soon. Please contact us for an estimate and more information, or forward our information onto a friend!

Contact Way CREATiVE!

We want to take a minute to thank our dear family and friends for your continued support. Thank you for believing in us!

Shoutout to my co-author - the love of my life & best friend and person I have ever known, Kyle WayFollow him on Google+ for technology and sports news and some laughs.


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